“Assalamu alay’kum.

My dear brothers and sisters this site is for your service and to allow different nationalities with different languages to have access in a language that they can benefit from the Islamic knowledge.

So , our goal is to spread authentic Islamic knowledge from the Quraan and Sunnaah upon the understanding of the Salaf ( The pious predecessors) the companions of the Prophet (sallaahu alayim salaam).

To help Muslims to benefit from the scholars and students of knowledge.

To allow you to present your questions for a fatwah to the Mashaykhs. We are here to help you with that inshallaah.

To guide you as to which places are available to go seek Ilm ( knowledge) from the scholars .

  All questions from “Brothers and Sisters” can be sent to our email below and we will send it to the Mashaykhs.

Note: Brothers can join our “Q&A Seekers Room” and for sisters coming soon!!

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